February's LOVE READING Contest

It’s time for our annual Reading Contest!  This year we are doing it in the month of February to highlight that we want to develop students who LOVE READING!  This contest is a great way to encourage students to read, read, and read a little more!  They will compete with their classmates to see who can read the most.


This is how it works:

· Each teacher will keep a record of the books/pages each student reads in their classroom.

· Parents will keep a record of the books/pages they read at home. See links below to download a log for your students grade.

· The form will need to be returned on Monday, March 3rd. Only books read during the month of February count.  If your child is in the middle of a book, he/she can count any pages read from this day forward.  Last day to read in order to count pages is February 28th.

· Only non-lesson-related books count.  This contest is for "extra" reading.

· Books must be on THEIR grade level or above. This means a 2nd grader would not get credit for reading a "mostly picture" book that only has a few words.

· Students in Kindergarten through 1st grade only get credit for books they read aloud to an adult.

· 2nd through 6th grade: Parents/teachers need to make sure students are actually reading the books, not just looking at the pictures.  Ask them questions.

· Honesty on their part is important.


This is what is expected for each grade level:


At the end of the month, totals will be calculated and results will be announced at an assembly.  You are welcome to join us. A note will be sent home later to give you the date and time of the Awards Ceremony.  The winners will be able to select a prize of their choice according to their "placement." There will be a first, second, and third place for each grade level.  All readers will get something.  If they participate, they will be rewarded.


I hope you will join us in our mission and encourage your child to read every day.