Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Veritas Academy began in 1996 as a private school designed to equip students with classical and Christian foundations of education. Beyond teaching the subjects of the traditional school, Veritas does more. Students are grounded in Scripture and worldview thinking. The cultural, artistic, and literary accomplishments of Christian civilizations are taught at all levels. Students learn Latin, the primary language that provides background for understanding our cultural history, science, other foreign languages, and even the English language itself. Reading classic works of literature, learning the art of rhetoric, being taught logic, learning music, acquiring higher math and science skills are all part of the Veritas curriculum. Not all education takes place in the classroom. Field trips, outdoor activities, special projects, attendance at concerts and dramatic performances enhance the Veritas experience.

The Classical Christian Difference


What is a “classical Christian” school? This video by The Association of Classical & Christian Schools provides an overview of the history and method of this "New Old Way" of educating our children.  Marlin Detweiler, George Grant, and Douglas Wilson give explanations of the roots of classical Christian education and an overview of the stages of the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The video helps explain the value and importance of a classical Christian education for today.

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