As parents, we want what is best for our children. As Christians, we know that what is best is not merely success in this world; rather, it is knowing and serving God. Veritas Academy strives to build its program upon God’s Word and God’s works in time and history. We seek to bring Christian thinking to every area of life. We seek to create worshipful students who see the hand of God not only from His Word, but in the everyday events of life. All knowledge is God’s knowledge; all facts are God’s facts. These truths need to be proclaimed constantly in the classroom, in the home, in the church, and in society.


Veritas Academy, as a Christian school, stands upon the traditions of historic creedal Christianity, the Reformation, and Protestant evangelicalism.  We are not a church school or a denominational school, although we are sponsored and supported by Grace Covenant Church.


Christians today have a variety of approaches to doctrine, worship, and practice.  These differences represent the great diversity found in the body of Christ. Along with these differences are certain core beliefs that define all of God’s covenant people.  Our statement of faith gives a summary of the core beliefs of Christianity that are believed, taught, and adhered to by all members of the Veritas board and staff.  We refer to these statements as the Primary Doctrines of Veritas Academy.

Christian Education

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